The Craft baker is a 25 year old bakery. It was the brain child of a wonderful Italian man called Jean Pierre, who was frustrated with the quality of Ciabatta breads on offer in the London area.  Jean Pierre started off making hand crafted, authentic ciabatta in keeping with his Italian roots. Following the success of its Ciabatta and Focacias, the bakery moved into making authentic, handcrafted patisseries and cakes.

In keeping with Jean Pierre’s vision, the company became Craft Bakers in 2017, hand crafting over 150 bakeries products everyday and delivering to cafes, restaurants and hotels. All our products are inspired by traditional methods and classic flavours. All of our products are made by hand using truly authentic baking methods and high quality, natural ingredients.
We have become one of London’s leading traditional producers of lovingly hand crafted bread, morning goods and cakes. If you would like to see samples of our products, please contact us on